The platform for event power management

Keep your event plugged in with MyZAP, an all-in-one solution for event professionals.
Helping you take the guesswork out of your event’s power needs.

We put the power in your hands

With our easy-to-use online tool, you’ll have a personalised smart power plan for your event within 72 hours. Our intelligent software uses data from thousands of past events worldwide to give you valuable insights into exactly what supplies and equipment you’ll need, and what you don’t. So you’ll be able to do what you do best – put on a great show with minimal environmental impact.

Why a Smart Power Plan?

It’s pretty simple – events need power. But they’re often supplied with way more than they actually need.
A smart power plan calculates how much power you need in advance, so you’re not paying for anything you’re not using. Or plugging up Mother Nature’s lungs with too many diesel generators.

Start reducing costs, now

From the moment you buy a MyZAP license, you’ll start saving. You’ll never pay for equipment you don’t need, or burn filthy diesel that delivers nothing. In fact, MyZAP will pay for itself. Your savings will more than offset the cost of the tool.

Run your event and save the planet

In today’s climate, taking responsibility for the environmental impact of your event is a must. MyZAP helps you reduce your CO2 emissions by 80% or more, when compared to a standard event power system. We can even help you run your next event on 100% green energy.

MyZAP makes you a power expert

Power expertise at your fingertips

We get that not everyone wants to learn the ins and outs of temporary power supplies. But if you’re not plugging directly into the wall, then you need some expert advice. With our tool, you can get access to decades of knowledge at the click of a button.

As easy as plugging in a lamp

Algorithms have to be easy to use, and it doesn’t get much more simple than MyZAP. Get access to local suppliers, save money, and be guaranteed an event that is as green and effective as it can be. Together, we’ll spark change. The power is yours.

MyZAP is easy as plugging in a lamp

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