About MyZAP

MyZAP is the brainchild of ZAP Concepts, an award-winning international energy consultancy firm. As an industry leader in the field of temporary power supply solutions, ZAP Concepts supports indoor and outdoor events worldwide in their journey to becoming more sustainable. From its strong foundations in festivals, the company expanded its services from designing and specifying permanent grid power connections for event sites, to also developing innovative energy systems. With their knowledge, the rising complexity of power calculations and the increasing pressure to combat climate change, the idea of MyZAP was born. An accessible online tool that gives all event organizers access to green power expertise. ZAP Concepts strives to shape the future of the event industry to one in which sustainability and green energy are at its core.

ZAP Concepts has representatives in the UK, Ireland, Holland, Belgium, Spain and Portugal and is a recognised industry leader in the field of temporary power supply solutions for outdoor and indoor events and in making productions more sustainable. Our clients include BBC, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Coldplay, ID&T and many others.

ZAP Concepts

ZAP Concepts offers consultancy in energy & sustainability; specialising in energy assessment, measurement & logging, together with the design of optimal power supplies for live events, through the use of our unique & internationally awarded Smart Power Plan.

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