MyZAP makes you a power expert

Knowing where, when and how to use power sources for lights, refrigeration, amps – we get it, temporary power supplies can be overwhelming. With MyZAP, you can take the power back.

The power in your hands


Whether you’re expecting 100 or 100,000 people, a MyZAP license will give you all the insights you need to organize an event that’s both lean and green. Our tool uses rich data from past events to develop personalised Smart Power Plans that work. We guarantee it.

Decades of data and expertise

MyZAP is the brainchild of ZAP Concepts – the company that’s been providing green power to events of all sizes, all over the world, for the past 10 years. The team behind it has 100 years of combined experience. Now, all that knowledge can be yours.

More than 160 events have successfully created and implemented a Smart Power Plan.

ZAP Concepts have managed our site power for six years at the Great North Run, also providing services for other Great Run Company events in Manchester, Bristol and Portsmouth. We have seen good service, fuel savings, innovative use of new technologies and most importantly reliable, friendly and flexible service on site

Charlie Mussett

Operations Manager, Great Run Company (UK)

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