MyZAP is simple to use, powerful in effect

If you have to plug it in at your event, then plug it into MyZAP.
In a few clicks, you can start saving energy, time, money and the planet.

Easy-to-use dashboard

The MyZAP online tool gives you access to practical features in a user-friendly interface. Set up the various areas of your event, assign suppliers and add deadlines for them to fill in their power needs. You can even upload maps and other additional documents.

Dedicated supplier login

Invite your event suppliers to fill in their power requirements by sending them a dedicated login link. From there, they can easily select the equipment they’re going to bring and use from our database. Lights, sound, cooling systems, you name it.

Manage multiple events

With MyZAP, you’re able to add more than one event to the tool.
So you’re provided with a clear overview of all your upcoming events, from a single, central hub.

Stay up to date

Want to know more about MyZAP and what a smart power plan can do for you?
Fill out the your e-mail address and you will be updated about MyZAP.