MyZAP meets a burning social need

Sustainable solutions are more important than ever. It’s only going to get more difficult to be granted permits for an event – or for fans to buy tickets – unless you’re working as sustainably as possible. MyZAP’s got you covered.

Calculate your energy consumption


Once you know exactly how much power your event needs, it’s easy to make the right renewable energy choices. That’s where MyZAP comes in. With a Smart Power Plan, you can optimize your power supply from site build, to show and break down. Our expert advice can help you build an energy-efficient experience that contributes to a greener industry.

Reduce your carbon footprint


The MyZAP online tool uses science-based intelligence to inform the creation of strategies for low-carbon power solutions. We have a library of best practices that can help you reduce your CO2 emissions by 80% or more. Less fuel consumption and fewer generators mean a future of more live events – for everyone.

MyZAP helps you reduce your CO2 emissions by 80% or more*

Despite doubling the power requirements for the event, we managed to remove the need for diesel generators altogether and run entirely on green electricity from the grid, backed up by battery power. 
The Smart Power Plan was simple for us and our suppliers to use and really cut down the
amount of time spent on administration, whilst at the same time making sure we had reliable power. We felt reassured working with ZAP.

Matt Long

Director, New Citizens (UK)

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