It is a win-win solution

The Smart Power Plan gives you hands-on insights on how to increase energy efficiency, decrease fuel consumption, reduce up to 80% of emissions, use no or at least less generators, increase the use of green batteries, and create the most reliable power network for your production.

1. Suppliers submit their power information into MyZAP

MyZAP works by a link that is sent to all suppliers. MyZAP is a user-friendly online portal where the project owner has an overview of the event, and submitted information. Suppliers can easily drag and drop the equipment they are bringing.

2. MyZAP calculates the ideal smart power plan for your event

Based on the calculated power and energy consumption and the available power supply options, MyZAP can generate various scenarios based on the possible power supply options and provide calculations of the carbon emissions per scenario. The organizer can request hire costs from their suppliers for the different power supply options, and thus make a fact based decision between costs and emission levels for the event

MyZAP is easy as plugging in a lamp

3. MyZAP does the rest 

With just a few clicks, you can start saving energy, time, money and the planet.

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