You’ll never pay for power equipment you don’t need

It used to be hard to estimate the amount of power an event would need. The result? Paying for power you never even use. Our online tool makes this a thing of the past.

Practical insights

MyZAP allows you to collect power information from your event suppliers in an easy, quick and efficient way. We’ll then develop a cost-effective plan specifically for your event. So you can increase energy efficiency, reduce fuel burn and set up a rock-solid power supply.

Real results

Based on your event’s estimated energy consumption and the available power supply options, MyZAP generates a Smart Power Plan that will help you identify exactly where you can save money and emissions. And make sure there are no unexpected, expensive surprises along the way. Even better, MyZAP will pay for itself. With your savings offsetting the costs of the tool, it’s like getting a power expert for free.

With MyZAP, event organizers record energy savings of up to 89%

As organisers, we have finally gained insight into and control over our actual power consumption. The Smart Power Plan enabled us to reduce the number of generators and the level of diesel consumption.

We wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without the help of MyZAP.

Maarten van ‘t Veld

Production Manager, Milkshake Festival (The Netherlands)

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